Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Adam Ford f4db3b68c1 ARM: omap3logic: Encapsulate the MUSB functions in check for DM 3 years ago
  Adam Ford 169eb19135 ARM: omap3_logic.c: Optimize DDR timings based on OMAP35 or 36/37 3 years ago
  Adam Ford 017d9819e4 ARM: da850evm_direct_nor: Remove DM_I2C_COMPAT 3 years ago
  Bin Meng 3fdfca7a78 travis: Add qemu-x86_64 target for testing 3 years ago
  Bin Meng 68b8912811 travis: Update to use QEMU 3.0.0 for testing 3 years ago
  Bin Meng 66a3a9cfd4 travis: Generate grub_x64.efi for qemu-x86_64 3 years ago
  Bin Meng a39f0554f4 x86: quark: Specify X86_TSC_TIMER_EARLY_FREQ 3 years ago
  Bin Meng 6ce383640c x86: tsc: Introduce config option for early timer frequency 3 years ago
  Bin Meng 49d5ff439c x86: Fix the mystery of printch() during 64-bit boot 3 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 2c78a79ec7 x86: put global data pointer into the .data section 3 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 80df194f01 x86: detect unsupported relocation types 3 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 194924d881 x86: qemu: enable CONFIG_SPL_DM_RTC 3 years ago
  Bin Meng 0e028bf970 x86: doc: Remove stale sections of 64-bit support 3 years ago
  Bin Meng 6feb2ff502 x86: doc: Mention qemu-x86_64 support 3 years ago
  Bin Meng dd4611dea4 x86: Ensure no instruction sets of MMX/SSE are generated in 64-bit build 3 years ago
  Bin Meng a139cc1865 x86: Specify -march=core2 to build 64-bit U-Boot proper 3 years ago
  Hannes Schmelzer c74e3295ae x86/bootm: fix error handling in boot_prep_linux(...) 3 years ago
  Simon Glass 97d20f69f5 Enable CONFIG_TIMER_EARLY with bootstage 3 years ago
  Simon Glass 27fb0cf1f0 binman: Add support for Intel reference code 3 years ago
  Simon Glass d7e84521fe chromebook_samus: Increase pre-relocation memory 3 years ago
  Marek Vasut 25db340309 test: Add test for PCI device without compat string and with DT node 3 years ago
  Marek Vasut b59349a0c0 test: Add PCI device entry without compat string and with DT node 3 years ago
  Marek Vasut 92ed986521 pci: Update documentation to make 'compatible' string optional 3 years ago
  Marek Vasut 02e4d38d87 pci: Support parsing PCI controller DT subnodes 3 years ago
  Heinrich Schuchardt 8a3d734b1b common: command: fix typo 3 years ago
  Adam Ford 2fe88d4522 Convert CONFIG_FLASH_CFI_DRIVER et al to Kconfig 3 years ago
  Tom Rini 4030f166f9 travis: Add sandbox/clang-7 support 3 years ago
  Marek Vasut 758694ff07 bootcount: Make bootcount magic configurable 3 years ago
  Bin Meng 0533fb8b3f travis: Switch to i386 version toolchain for x86 3 years ago
  Bin Meng 0810a5a925 travis: Remove or32 toolchain info 3 years ago